3 Make-up Must Haves

About 6 months ago I decided it was time to learn how to do my make-up properly. This decision led to me spending hours and hours watching make-up tutorials on youtube. I learned that there was so much more to make-up than I thought and I was extremely in the dark when it came to the tools and products I needed. It was like a whole new world. Now 6 months later I have a much better grasp on the lingo and have a never-ending wish list of products I want. For any newbie makeup lovers out there, here are 3 things I wish I knew about years ago:

  1. Makeup-brushes: I had no idea brushes were so important in your make-up game. Before, I only used the brushes that came with your eyeshadow (I know….). However, I don’t actually like most of the ones I have. I bought a cheap set from Amazon and only a couple months later and they are already falling apart. I do have a couple of ELF ones what are great (and super inexpensive) that I would highly reccommend. Other brands I would check out are: Luxie, Morphe, and Real Techniques – I have yet to actually use any of these, but I hear great things and when I finally break down and buy new brushes these will be the brands I choose from. (Mug in the picture is from Anthropologie)
  2. Primer: I had never even heard of primer until I started watching youtube. The two in the picture are Maybelline’s Babyskin (purchased) and Makeup Forever Step 1 – Hydrating Primer (from my Ipsy subscription). Primer is meant to extend the life of your makeup and assist in making your foundation go on smoothly. The Maybelline definitely helps with the foundation but not sure about extending the life of my make-up. The MUFE one is amazing, but the normal size you would purchase is incredibly pricey ($37 I believe). I am still on the hunt for a great drugstore primer, so if anyone has a recommendation please let me know!
  3. Beauty Blender: This is not the Original Beauty Blender, it is just one I got in my Ipsy bag a couple of months ago (can’t remember the brand) but it still works amazing! It really helps blend out my foundation and concealer flawlessly. You just get it a little damp and voila- amazingness! I think when this one finally dies, I’ll be purchasing the Real Techniques sponge, which I hear great things about and it is less than half the price of the Originial Beauty Blender ($20)

So there you have it! 6 months into my make-up obsessed life and these are the products/tools that have really upped my game and I wish I knew about years ago. (Also, yay my first blog post! Now all I have to do is keep this up…)





2 thoughts on “3 Make-up Must Haves

  1. In all honesty the RT sponge is definitely not as good as the beautyblender. I have been using the beauty blender for years and the RT sponge I find absorbs a lot of the product and retains a ton of water 😦


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