Currently Craving: Face Mists

With Spring in the air and the anticipation of Summer driving me crazy, I have been dying for some nice face mists. My Sephora wish list is cluttered with them just waiting for me to actually purchase one. I haven’t tried out any of the ones pictured, but they all look so pretty and sound amazing. I think this is a product I would want to test in the store before buying- just to make sure I like the feel of it on my skin and the scent. Face mists just seem like they would be so cooling and refreshing, something that is definitely needed for me once the weather starts to get warmer! If you have tried any of the ones pictured, or have other suggestions for a good face mist with skin care benefits please let me know!FACE MISTS

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4 thoughts on “Currently Craving: Face Mists

  1. I have only tried the caudalie one, and I love it. It smells so luxurious and spa like. I find it very comforting and at the same time it has some amazing skin care benefits.


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