Thoughts On: Men’s Nivea Aftershave


So I am finally hopping on this bandwagon. I have been seeing YouTube beauty vloggers posting about this product for the past few months, and over the weekend I decided to pick it up at Target. I am on my third day using it and definitely have noticed my foundation staying in place longer. However, I think I either want to try and put it on after a moisturizer (right now I have just been putting it on a clean face) or use a hydrating primer on top of it because I have noticed it sticks to my few dry patches. There is a strong scent, but that does fade quickly for anyone worried about the smell. Other than that, I am very happy with the way it makes my make-up last, especially for the low price tag! Have you all been trying this Nivea Aftershave craze? What do you think about this product as a primer?


One thought on “Thoughts On: Men’s Nivea Aftershave

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