Brand Review: e.l.f.

Up until recently I avoided elf products. I just assumed anything that cheap, wouldn’t be worth it. And that because it everything was $2, it would be horrible quality. Then I started watching YouTube tutorials. Most makeup vloggers wouldn’t be caught dead wearing elf makeup it seems. But my personal favorite YouTuber Kathleen Lights is different. When I started watching her videos she already had over 1 million subscribers (she is now almost to 3 million) and she would always talk about elf and how much she loves the brand. I am such a sucker for thinking that the more expensive something is the better it is. And when it comes to makeup, that just isn’t always true. So I gave elf a chance, thinking that if its good enough for beauty guru Kathleen, its good enough for me. All the products I have by them are pictured below. And for a full review on them, just keep reading!

Brushes! (In order as pictured below: powder brush, eye shadow brush, flat eyeliner brush, small tapered brush & concealer brush) 10/10

img_3433The elf brushes are in my opinion the best products elf makes that I have tried. They are inexpensive, super soft, and blend out products beautifully. There are some makeup and skin care items that I am willing to shell out money for high end brands, but makeup brushes are just not one of those things. Because of this, it is great that there is such a great drugstore alternative! I use most of these brushes everyday, and I almost always grab another one when I go to Target.

Smudge Pot Eyeshadow in “Wine Not” 7/10

I have been going through a creme eyeshadow phase lately, and wanted to get one from the drugstore to try out. I saw this color on the Ulta website and knew I needed it. It has a kind of gel consistency but applies very easily. It wasn’t as pigmented as I hoped, so I do have to do a couple layers to build up the color for a more intense look. Otherwise it is maybe just a couple steps above sheer. It takes a little work to blend out -I find it easier to use my finger than a brush. I’m sure other brands have better creme shadows, but for $3, I still say its worth it!!

Bronze / Blush Duo in St. Lucia 8/10

I just picked this up last weekend, so I have only used it a few times. However, I can already tell that I will be using it quite often. When it comes to bronzer, I typically will use my Hoola bronzer by Benefit. When I use that bronzer, I pack it on a lot since it is light and I can build it up. The first time I used this elf bronzer I did the exact same thing and I realized that was a mistake. I looked a little orange (oops). This bronzer is definitely darker than what I was used to and has more of an orange undertone. After I learned that lesson, I started using a lighter hand and I love it. Blends great, and looks like you got a natural tan at the beach. The blush is where I have a little problem. The color is really pretty, and it’s not as intense as the bronzer so you can slowly build it up if you like. However, it has little pieces of glitter in it that I am not a huge fan of. I think it would look nice during the summer, but I see myself using the bronzer a lot more than the blush. Especially since blush is my favorite face product so I am a bit picky when it comes to ones I like.

Instant Lift Brow Pencil 5/10


This is the only product I would not recommend that I have tried this far. I really wanted to like it since it is only $2, and the L’Oréal brow stylist I normally use is $9. BUT, I just really couldn’t bring myself to like it no matter how hard I tried. The pencil is pretty thick, so it made it hard to hold. Also, I just felt like it didn’t glide as easily as I wanted and came off almost chalky. The color also didn’t apply very evenly. I could get this to work, but I had to spend a lot of time to get the shape and color I wanted. I will probably buy this again at some point since it is so cheap to see if I can get myself to love it, but right now I will stick to my trusty L’Oréal brow stylist definer.

All in all, I really think elf is a great inexpensive brand. I highly recommend checking them out and I can’t wait to try more of their products! What are your favorite elf products? Any suggestions for what I should try next?? Let me know!


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