Women Who Inspired Me In 2016


I think women empowering and inspiring other women is so important that I wanted to dedicate a whole post to the women who inspired me in 2016! Some inspired me in the beauty realm, some inspired me to more loudly advocate for things I believe in, and all inspired me to work hard and live a life that I love (cheesy, but true). So here we go!

Kathleen Lights


My first women who inspired me is KathleenLights. I discovered her YouTube channel in late 2015, and all through 2016 (and now!) she has been my go-to person for product reviews and makeup tutorials. For having almost 3 million subscribers, she seems so down to earth and a person I would genuinely want to hang out with. Her love of makeup and beauty products is very infectious and I love that she is always using and talking about drugstore makeup. For youtubers that have such a huge subscriber base, I feel like you rarely see them using drugstore makeup. I truly believe her when she says this is her honest opinion, and I love how upfront she is about sponsorship/PR – nothing seems fake with her. She isn’t a makeup artist, and doesn’t do super dramatic looks, but that is why I love her. She uses makeup like the everyday person would! If you haven’t checked her out, then you definitely need to! She inspires me to keep on going with my beauty blog and because even she started somewhere and you never know where your passion/hobby can take you!

Emma Watson


I love Emma Watson – literally everything about her. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan for starters. And from there, I just think she is so classy, well spoken, and of course, well dressed. I love how she uses her enormous platform and fame to advocate for gender equality, and I think her book club is so cool. Feminism is still such a hot topic, and for Hollywood being so liberal, many still don’t speak out past your typical one-liner in support here or there. Emma has gone above and beyond in fighting for what she believes in and I really admire that.

Michelle Obama

Literally everything about this woman is incredible. She has been an amazing First Lady for the past 8 years, and she has become a huge inspiration for not just me, but millions of women around the world. She is graceful and eloquent, and such a boss. She speaks her mind and doesn’t back down, while at the same time being incredibly gracious. She has become such an icon, and every time she speaks, the world listens. I’m sad she is leaving the White House, but so happy that we had her in there for 8 years.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg


She is my personal hero. I studied Political Science in school, and the Supreme Court always held a fascination with me. Last year I read a great book called The Nine, all about the nine justices that make up the court, and learned so much more about Ruth and her personal mission to expand women’s rights. She has become more famous in pop culture recently thanks to her nickname as “The Notorious RBG” as well as her famous dissents in Supreme Court cases – most recently the Hobby Lobby case from 2014. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the ultimate bad ass boss feminist, who is insanely intelligent and is always fighting help women. She is who I want to be when I grow up.

Selena Gomez


Next to Emma Watson, Selena is my ultimate girl crush (and hair goals). But this past year I really have been inspired by her. She took time out of the spotlight to recuperate, and when she came back, she gave a kick-ass and passionate speech about the importance of taking care of yourself. It was so powerful and I love that she is using her platform to give voice to the fact that sometimes, you need to worry less about others and take care of yourself. I am so happy she mentioned how your heart, and who you are, is so much more important than what you put on Instagram or on any social media. Care more about taking care of yourself and being a good person, than the image you display on social media.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary is a powerful woman, and a huge inspiration. She does what she needs to get things done, and even when she didn’t get what she deserved (in my opinion), she conceded with grace. She is a fighter, and I draw huge inspiration from the fact that she kept her head down and got to work when she lost to Obama, and how gracefully she conceded to Trump, while still encouraging young girls and women to keep fighting. #stillwithher

Leslie Knope


So technically, Leslie Knope is a fictional person. But the inspiration she gives me is real so I get to include her! Parks and Rec has long been my favorite show, and Leslie Knope is my favorite fictional character (followed by Hermione and then Buffy). Whenever I am feeling down -about something specific or just in general – I can always count on this show to cheer me up. And whenever I need motivation to keep on working hard, when I’m not seeing any results, or getting any recognition or just feeling frustrated with work altogether, Leslie Knope helps. Her motivation, positive attitude and just all around determination inspires me to work hard, and know that if I do, things will eventually work out.

So that is my list! Of course there are many more I didn’t include (my mom, grandma, sisters, bestfriends, etc.) but these are the major public figures that inspired my all through out last year, and continue to do so in 2017.

Who are your female role models? Who inspires you?! I would love to hear about them 🙂


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