February Wishlist 


All the products I am hoping to pick up next month!

avene-antirougeurs-anti-redness-dermo-cleansing-milky-fluid-avene-74d669809abfd60542b7f885ae1c3995Avene Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid

I read about this cleanser on Into The Gloss, and it sounds right up my ally! It has great reviews on dermstore.com, and I really want a cleanser that is for sensitive skin and helps calm redness. I am always on the hunt for a new cleanser, and as soon as my Philosophy Purity runs out, I think this will be by  next purchase!

61prlf2zghl-_sy355_Aztec Clay Healing Mask

I have had my eye on this for a while, I just still haven’t gotten around to actually purchasing it. Masks tend to be on the lower priority end of my “to buy” list as I see them kind of as an extra part of my skin care routine, not necessarily a staple.  But this product has literally thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, and the next time I purchase something from Amazon, I will be getting this as well. Blackheads are one of my main skin issues so I am really eager to see how effective this mask really is!

14762_83406_900px_new39601-78-jpg-39601-78ELF Primer

I feel like e.l.f.’s products have really been stepping it up recently, and the next item I want to pick up from them is this hydrating primer. It has pretty decent reviews on Ulta, but for $6, even if it isn’t amazing, I still think it’s worth a try! e.l.f. carries quite a few different types of primers, but my skin has been a little on the dry side lately so I thought a hydrating primer would be best. If I like how it works I will probably pick up another one as well!

p_550x550RCMA No Color Power

I have been wanting this product ever since Kathleen Lights did a whole video on it. And honestly, the only thing that has been preventing me from buying it is that I have to get it online and pay for shipping. If this was sold at Target or Walgreens, I would have picked it up months ago. But alas, I have to get it from beautylish.com. Hopefully this month is when I finally decide to pick it up because I’m still dying to have it! Plus, I feel like this product will last me forever.

the-ordinary-caffeine-solution-5-egcg-1-27137The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + ECGC

I recently learned about The Ordinary, and once I did I purchased the Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide. I have been using those for only a couple weeks, so too soon to see how much of a difference they make, but I really want to get this one! This is supposed to reduce the appearance of eye contour pigmentation and puffiness. I have the worst under eye bags and have wanted an eye cream to target them for so long, but eye creams are expensive. And you only get, like, .5 ozs. This product is only $6.70 and you get just over an ounce. If it works as well as people say it does, it will be a complete game changer for me.

So these are the products on my wishlist for February! Of course, my real wish list is about a million products long, however these are the ones that I may actually purchase (and can afford) in reality! What are you all looking to try next month! Have any of you tried the products I mentioned above? If so, let me know how they worked for you!


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