January Beauty Favorites

Hey everyone! Here are the products I used a ton during the month of January. I love reading monthly favorites and watching them on YouTube so I think this will become a monthly staple on my blog! Let me know what your January favorites were in the comments, I would love to chat with you! 🙂

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip “November”

I got this lipstick for Christmas, and ever since then I have bearing wearing it non-stop. It is such a pretty pink, and I always feel very feminine and girl when wearing it. It is perfect when you are wearing just mascara and some blush/bronzer, which is what I do most days. Good job Kathleen Lights!

Angel Veil Primer

To read my full review about this product, click here. My opinion of this primer hasn’t changed since that post, and I have been wearing this almost everyday. It makes my skin so soft and really only need a little bit to spread over my face, which makes up for the fact that is was on the pricey end for drugstore.

Pixi Glow Tonic

My oh my do I love this toner! It has quickly worked it’s way up to a staple for my morning skin care routine. For a full review, click here. I use this every other day so my skin doesn’t get to dry, although once it starts warming up I expect my skin will be able to handle using this everyday. It is so refreshing to put on in the morning and really does give my skin a little extra glow. This is probably my number 1 favorite product from January.

Colourpop Eyeshadow “Weenie”

Along with the November liquid lipstick, I also got this eyeshadow for Christmas, which is also by Kathleen Lights. It looks more bronzey in the pictures, but it really is such a pretty rose gold color, and I absolutely love it. It has kind of a cool undertone which is why I think it’s perfect for winter. This is my first ColourPop eyeshadow, and unsurprisingly, I am impressed. I see many more eyeshadow purchases from them in my future!

Essence Blush

This is a product that I have had for well over a year (so please excuse the dirty edges) that I recently re-discovered in the back of my drawer. For being a $2 product, the color payoff is incredible and it gives a really pretty soft pink color to the cheeks, almost like a natural winter flush. I had forgotten how much I really liked this blush, and next time I’m at the drugstore I think I’ll pick up another Essence blush to see how it compares.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Just like the above product, I have had this product for quite some time. I got it as an Ipsy sample almost a year ago, and as soon as I run out I will be purchasing the full size item. I’m not someone who is obsessed with highlighters, so me being willing to spend $20 on this should tell you something – that it is amazing. It gives the perfect golden sheen and makes it seem like you are glowing from within. It doesn’t look too fake, just a very natural pretty highlight. I had stopped using it the past couple months because I just wasn’t feeling the highlight look, but I am once again head over heels obsessed with this product.

And that wraps up my first monthly favorites blog post! Let me know what products you enjoyed in the comments 🙂


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