Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant | Product Review

I have been really into skin care and skin care products for about 6 months now. I love researching different products, creating wishlists for what I am going to buy next and all around learning how to take care of my skin better. As I have been reading lots of articles about the best skin care products, this BHA Exfoliant from Paula’s Choice has kept cropping up. So many people seem to swear by this exfoliant, and it seemed like the perfect thing to help with my annoying little white bumps on my cheeks and improve the overall texture of my skin. After having this sit in my Nordstrom Wishlist for several months, I finally picked it up right after the holidays! I have now been using it fairly consistently for just about 6 weeks so I decided to finally post a little review about it and what my experience has been so far!

About This Product

This Liquid Exfoliant claims to unclog pores, help refine texture, as well improve fine lines and wrinkles through gently exfoliating all your layers of dead skin. The product says it has been formulated for all skin types, especially those with combo to oily skin that is prone to large pores, those with bumpy skin, and skin that has shown signs of aging. For $29, you get 4 oz. You can also purchase a sample size from the Paula’s Choice website for .80 cents.

My Review

For me, I don’t really have any wrinkles or fine lines, but I do have combo skin that is very prone to clogged pores and I also have bad texture with those little white bumps on the tops of me cheeks, so I was very excited to see that is exactly what this product was formulated to help with! I have been using this every other night to start and may now begin to increase to every night. To put this on, I put a little bit on a cotton round and then apply that all over my face. The first thing to note is that this makes your face realllly tacky. It takes a while (at least on my skin) to sink it. I have to wait almost 30 minutes or so before my skin is dry and I can put on my moisturizer. Because of this, I have to be sure to do my skin care routine an hour or so before bed. I typically already do this, but this is definitely not a product I can use right before bed unless I plan on skipping a nighttime moisturizer which I really don’t like to do, especially in the winter months. The next morning after using this, I definitely see a decrease in my little bumps, although they still haven’t completely gone away. Hopefully in the next few months I see a drastic difference in my skin texture – that is my goal! My blackheads on the other hand have basically  vanished. I am in complete shock. I have always had large pores and this product has made them probably about as invisible as I could hope for. It is a true mini miracle in my life. I still have quite a lot of product left so when I run out I will be sure to do another update on whether I plan to re-purchase it or not and if in the long term it really did help with my texture! But I definitely recommend this product to those of you with combo/oily skin and looking to help unclog pores – it has worked really well for me so far!

Have any of you tried this product? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!


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