My Eyeshadow Palette Collection | Drugstore/Affordable


Hi everyone! I wanted to do a blog post talking about and reviewing my makeup palettes. All the ones that I have are pictured above, and as you can see they are all drugstore/affordable. As much as I would love to buy the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, or the gorgeous Stila Palette, I can’t quite bring my self to purchase those (yet) for a couple reasons. One – they are just so expensive! And while I am sure the quality is amazing, and the palette would last forever, there are just so many at the drugstore that I would love to buy that are much more affordable. The second and main reason I only have drugstore, is that I don’t wear eye shadow on a daily basis. If eye shadow was an everyday staple for me, I would considering investing in a high quality palette, but right now I really only wear it maybe a couple times a week. Until then, I would rather save my money and purchase high end products that I use every day (foundation, concealer, mascara etc.) and even then, I still gravitate towards drugstore! But, enough of the rambling, let’s get into my eyeshadow palette collection!

Maybelline Nudes


I got this palette for Christmas last year (2015). I thought it would be perfect for everyday looks. I tend to gravitate towards browns and bronzey shades and I loved that this had a mixture of matte and shimmer colors. However, I was actually a little disappointed with this palette. Most of the shades lack pigmentation. All the white/off white colors in the palette in particular don’t have very much color payoff. The darker shades are a little bit better – like the dark shimmer brown and the grey toned shade. But overall, I found this palette to be lackluster. Which sucks because I normally love products from Maybelline! And it’s not that I dislike this palette… I just think there are better drugstore ones available for you to spend money on. The one thing that I do very much like about this palette, is that the matte brown shade (bottom, second from left) works very well for my eyebrows! I prefer to use a brow wiz (NYX or Loreal), but when I run out and haven’t been able to pick up another, I always use the brown shade from this palette. So that was definitely an unexpected silver lining!

Coastal Scents


I bought this palette from Amazon, because I had heard it was a cheap alternative to the Naked Palettes. I have never tried the Naked palettes, but I am sure they are better quality. That being said, I actually really enjoy this palette by Coastal Scents. I love all the colors, and I love that there is an even mix of matte/shimmer. The matte shades definitely have more color payoff than the shimmers, but I haven’t had a problem with that so far. I love that you can do an easy soft romantic eye look, as well as a great smokey eye. I tend to use this palette the most when I am do a full face look for date night/going out, etc. I will use several of the mauve shades in my crease and then pick a shimmer for my lid. And if I’m feeling adventurous, I will add a little black (or the dark purple!) to my outer corners. It does have a lot of fall out so I always make sure to do my eyes first, but all the colors blend very nicely! I am definitely not a smokey eye expert (not even close) but I always find myself loving how my eyes turn out after using this palette! I would definitely recommend it – especially for those just getting into makeup (like me) who want a cheap but good palette with lots of color selection!

CoverGirl truNAKED Goldens


Out of all my palettes, this is the one I use the most. Kathleen Lights used this in one of her tutorials on YouTube, and I am pretty sure I ran to Target and picked it up the next day. The colors are totally up my alley, and the shades are so pretty and buttery.. I am in love. Most days, I will just use the two brown shades in my crease and on my lower lash line and call it good. It doesn’t take very long at all and adds an extra something to my makeup that day. If you can’t tell, the soft brown shade is definitely my favorite. I use it ALL THE TIME. It is such a perfect crease shade and I really need to get this color in just a single eye shadow so I don’t have to pull out this palette every time I want this color. The greens here are amazing, the bronze shade is amazing, I love the shimmery highlight color. There is a little fall out, but definitely not as much as the Coastal Scents one. I would HIGHLY recommend this palette. CoverGirl has this same palette but with different shades – this is the Golden one, they also have a Nudes and Roses – and I really should pick those up to given how much I love this one.

Morphe Brushes x Kathleen Lights


I bought this palette strictly out of my love for Kathleen Lights and wanting to support her. It didn’t hurt that all the colors looked absolutely gorgeous online! I have heard lots of great things about Morphe, but this was my first purchase from them. The colors are all incredibly pigmented, and blend together so easily. There is also a nice selection of matte shades and really pretty shimmer shades. Despite how much I really like this palette, and how great of quality is is, I don’t reach for it too often. My quick everyday eye shadow (if I even wear any) tends to be a couple brown/bronze shades, which is why I use the Cover Girl palette the most. However, when I want a really pretty shimmer eye, or a smokey eye that I can still wear to work, this is my go-to palette. I really like the color selection and how you can do a minimal look, a full face work look, or a full on glam look. I haven’t (yet) used the gorgeous turquoise/mermaid shade, but it is so pretty that I need to figure out a way to wear it ASAP. I would definitely recommend this palette, and given how great the quality is, I may purchase another Morphe palette as well (maybe the coveted 35O??)!

Ipsy x Nyx


This little palette I got in an Ipsy bag. And honestly, I sort of forgot I had it until I was gathering all my palettes to write this post. I like the color selection, but for how much I love NYX products, I wasn’t all that impressed with the quality of the eye shadows. There wasn’t too much pigment and they were a little hard to blend. This would be a great travel palette since it is so little, but I don’t know… I just don’t really like it all that much and rarely reach for it.

Wet N Wild


This last one I have had for  years. I should honestly throw it away, but I love the colors and I love the quality. The pigment is amazing, they are so buttery and easily blendable. I’m not sure if Wet n Wild’s current eye shadow formula is the same as this one, I need to pick one up and see how it compares! But if it is the same, I would definitely recommend Wet n Wild eye shadows! So cheap but really great!

So there you have it! What drugstore/affordable palettes would you recommend? What is your holy grail palette? Let me know!!


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