My Nighttime Moisturizers

Hello everyone!

I wanted to do a blog post regarding my nighttime moisturizers that I use because I am always interested in seeing what skin care products people have on rotation and what works! I currently have four different moisturizers that I use on rotation before bed, and below are my thoughts on each one. Please leave me comments on what your favorite nighttime moisturizers are!


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream


I have had this moisturizer the longest. The one I currently have now is for “extra dry skin” but I have also used the original one as well. I have combo skin (dryer in the winter) so I probably would lean towards liking the original better (this one can be a little heavy for me) but it still works well- especially when I am on the dryer side. Out of all the products pictured, this one gives me the “glass of water for your face” feeling the most. It immediately sinks into the skin leaving behind no tackiness and feels like your face just gulped down a huge glass of water. It does a really nice job with hydrating my skin, gives me no irritation, and the jar lasts forever. I have had this jar for about 8 months and it is maybe half way gone (with both me and my boyfriend using it off and on). I think if you are looking for something to help with hydration, that isn’t too pricey or fussy, this is your best bet!

Tarte Maracuja Oil


I’m gonna be honest here: I really only bought this oil because I got an e-mail from Ulta saying I had 5X points on all Tarte purchases… I think we have all been guilty of buying something because of an Ulta e-mail like that (woops!). But, the reviews were really great and I had been wanting an oil so I picked this up a little over a year ago. And if you can’t tell, this product will last me another 17 years…it looks like I have barely touched it! I only use two drops, rub my palms together, and then press it all over my face. I don’t use this as much in the summer because I get more oily then, but I still use it a few times a week. Right now I am using this almost every night, and then sometimes in the morning as well. It really helps keep my skin looking and feeling soft, and I also think it has helped with keeping my redness to a minimum. I think a good oil can be so great in a skin care routine (I really want to pick up a rosehip oil.. any suggestions would be great!), and I would really recommend this one.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask


I got this one as a set with the Origins Cleanser and Origins Charcoal Mask. And out of all my moisturizers here, I think it is my least favorite. It still is a great source of hydration, and my skin looks really plump in the morning, but I find myself using the other three a lot more. The only thing I absolutely LOVE about this moisturizer that the other three don’t have is the smell. It smells exactly like peaches and it is amazing. So while I definitely don’t dislike this product, and I will continue to use it until it’s gone (I did buy it after all!), I just find myself forgetting about it, and gravitating towards my other moisturizers.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream


This last one has only been in my life for a few weeks, but I am already in love. I have already done a full first impressions post on this product, but I wanted to talk about it here too. It smells kind of lemon-y which I love, and makes my skin look so smooth in the morning. Similar to the Tarte oil, I also think this helps make my redness less apparent in the morning. It is the perfect consistency: thick, but not too thick and really melts into your skin. There is a moment of tackiness immediately after, but that goes away really fast. I definitely see myself getting the full size of this once my trial size runs out.

So these are the four moisturizers I currently have on hand! Being the skin care junkie that I am, I’m sure I will test out tons more in the future. Leave me a comment with your favorite nighttime moisturizer!


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