Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation | Product Review


My interest in makeup started about a year and a half ago, so this foundation is actually only my second liquid foundation purchase ever! My first was the Revlon ColorStay (which I highly recommend), but when I ran out I wanted to try something new! I really wanted an everyday foundation with a natural finish, not too matte or too dewey, so after doing some research I decided to pick this one up! I got this at Target for $13.99.

The first time I applied it I immediately texted my sister and told her that she needed this foundation in her life. It really lives up to the “healthy skin” name in that the finish looks like my skin… but better. The coverage is medium, but could probably be built up. One reason I wanted to try something other than the ColorStay is because that one is very full coverage and for day-to-day I don’t really need that. This Neutrogena one is the perfect coverage for me.

I will say I don’t think this lasts *as* long on the skin as the ColorStay, but when I use a really good primer (the Men’s Nivea really helps extend the wear on this) it does pretty good – maybe 8 hours or so – which is perfect for my M-F work day.

I 100% prefer the finish of this with my beauty blender than my brush. I feel like it clings to my dry spots a bit more when I use a sponge, but with a beauty blender it looks so much better. The only big con for me with this foundation is that it doesn’t have a pump. I *hate* having to pour foundations on my hand – I feel like I can never get the right amount. But other than that, I think this foundation is a winner! If you’re in the market for an affordable, medium coverage, and natural finish foundation, I would suggest trying this one out!

What drugstore foundation is your favorite? Any suggestions for me to try out? I really want to try the Loreal Pro Glow but I’m on the fence…. Let me know in the comments!

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