7 Tips for Starting a New Job

Hello everyone! So this isn’t a beauty related post, but I have realized as I have been blogging, that there are other topics I want to write about! So every now and then, I may have a lifestyle post up, or something career-related in terms of advice/tips and been general thoughts on #worklife. My first post in that realm, is going to be Tips for Starting a New Job. I recently began a new job almost one month ago, so while everything is still fresh in my mind about what it’s like during this transition, I thought I would blog about it! I do work in an office and do the typical 9-5 thing, so some of these tips may not be super applicable to those of you that do something completely different, but hopefully some of them are useful! So let’s jump in.


1. First up – ask questions! When you show up for your first day, it is totally nerve-wrecking  (at least for me…. hopefully I am not the only one!) – with new coworkers, new responsibilities, new everything. But now is the perfect time to ask questions. Whenever I start a new job I always feel like I am bothering people by the amount of questions I have – but then I realized that everyone is expecting you to ask questions. They know you are new, and that you don’t know everything – so don’t feel bad about having a million of them.

2. Get to know the people you work with. Co-workers are a huge part of the job. Being friends, or at least friendly, makes the work day go so much faster and creates a more enjoyable environment. At my new job, my company does a lot of social gatherings outside of the office, and I have tried (still am!) to attend as many as possible. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea – it can be a lot to work with someone all day every day, and then go do something after work with the same people. If socializing outside of work isn’t for you, then I would suggest making an effort to get to know people during work – strike up a conversation about your favorite Netflix show, or a fun activity you did over the weekend.. anything! Building friendships takes time, but it never hurts to start early.

3. Offer to do things. In my experience, starting a new job is not only scary… but it can be a tad boring during those first few weeks as well. Since you are still figuring everything out, you may not be given a lot to do at first (don’t worry, that will change!), but this is a perfect opportunity to show your initiative and interest by offering to do things you already know how, or that you want someone to teach you.

4. When you make a mistake… own up to it. I feel like most peoples first instinct when they make a mistake is to ignore it and hope it goes away (if that’s not you… congrats you are killing it in life). But as that instinct arrives, please ignore it and ask someone what to do. When you are new, people are expecting you to make mistakes. You can’t be perfect, especially when you are just getting started! So it may be a tough/scary conversation, but most bosses will understand. It’s much better to say you made a mistake and ask someone how to fix it, then hope it goes away but actually ends up creating more issues down the line.

5. Look good feel good! I think getting a new job is a perfect excuse to purchase some new clothes and/or makeup (not that you ever really need a reason… #treatyoself). Wear what makes you feel confident! Whether its a killer pair of heels or your favorite lipstick.

6. Learn what your bosses expectations are of you and the job. I’m sure some of this was discussed during the interview process, but now that you have started it is the perfect time to figure out what is expected of you. Whether it’s if you should check in with them first thing in the morning, how you should communicate issues that occur with projects etc., it is so important to be on the same page with your supervisor.

7. Be patient. It takes time to settle into a new job, but it will happen over time! One day you’ll come to work and be killing it, and will wonder how you ever thought it was so scary in the first place!


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