Purity by Philosophy | 1 Year Later



Purity is the first high end skin care product I ever purchased. I bought this after watching so many different YouTubers talk about their love for it, as well as reading tons of reviews online. I first bought the sample size to make sure I didn’t have any sort of reaction to it, and after I didn’t I bought the 16 oz size. The first thing I really liked about this was the texture. It has a nice gentle, milky texture, and it doesn’t foam up – which was actually a nice change for me. I also was very happy with the fact that it didn’t make me face feel tight after, which my cleanser I had been using previously did.  I know a lot of people use and love this cleanser because it is effective at removing makeup. I have never used a cleaner to remove my makeup, I always use some sort of makeup remover before washing my face – whether it is wipes, micellar water, coconut oil etc. That being said, I do think this cleanser helped remove the last little bit of product that my first makeup remover didn’t quite get.

About 6 months into using this, I did start to get a bit tired of it. Not for any particular reason, but just because I was bored. I am definitely someone who likes to switch up the products I am using and see what else is out there. However, I was working really hard to maintain a consistent skin care routine, and there was still about half the bottle left and there 07DE782B-5DEF-45C1-BF1B-BD6EB300B4CFwas no way I was going to waste any of it. Fast forward to around February, I had been using Purity for about a year and my skin had been feeling really dry. At first, I thought it was because of the weather, so I started adding heavier creams and hyaluronic acid products into my line up. But when I purchased a new morning cleanser (Yes to Cucumbers Milk Cleaner), I started using that both morning and night since I loved it so much. As soon as I switched back to Purity at night, my skin immediately became tight after, and I realized the cleanser was what was causing my discomfort. I tried it sporadically a few times after that realization, but unfortunately it didn’t fix anything.

What I have come to realize about my skin, is that I am pretty sure it gets used to cleansers after a year or so, and then they stop being effective. This happened with the cleanser I was using before Purity as well – I just didn’t realize it at the time. This is good and bad to me. Bad because it will suck if I fall in love with a cleanser and then it stops working. Good because I do like to try new products, and also at least I have realized this! It’s very important to listen to your skin and respond accordingly – which is what I am trying to do. Because of this change in my skin, I will not be repurchasing Purity. However, I would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for a gently, non-foaming cleanser that helps remove makeup!

What is your favorite cleanser? Let me know in the comments below!


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