Mini Sephora Haul & Reviews

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Last week I was up in D.C. for work and since there is no Sephora anywhere near me, I knew I had to take advantage of being in the city and stop in! Luckily there was a Sephora walking distance away from my office and I was able to go there during my lunch and look around! I only ended up buying three things but all of them are items I have had my eye on for a while. Also, each of these things are the “travel” version and not full size. I LOVE when brands make travel sizes of their products – especially when the full size is expensive. I like to buy a smaller size to make sure I like it before purchasing the expensive full size version. It also isn’t very surprising that two of the three things I bought are skin care products… I am such a sucker for high end skin care products. I am still trying to achieve the perfect glowy skin that dreams are made of people! lol.

7B0AE996-AB23-48E4-B943-0CADEF0FF345The first thing I bought is the one I am most excited about and that is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I have wanted to get a high end foundation for a while now and this is one that I had my eye on. I know that technically it is a CC cream, but I had read enough reviews on it to know that the coverage is comparable to a foundation. I also loved the fact this has a high SPF level – wearing SPF daily is so important to me so I love when moisturizers/foundations/cc cream etc. have it built in. As I said already, I did buy the travel size of this – which is .4 oz for $15. Because it has a nice medium coverage, I actually don’t need a ton of product to even out my skin tone and cover the redness of my face, so I think it will last me a while which is really nice. The first thing I noticed when I put this on is the smell. It has a super bizarre smell that I really don’t like, but it disappears pretty fast once blended into the skin. I have used my fingers, a brush, and my beauty blender to blend this out and I definitely prefer my beauty blender. It works fine with either of the three methods, but I found the sponge made it look more bright and dewy looking. The Sephora site says the finish of this product is “radiant” and I would have to agree. It’s not dewey by any means (at least compared to say the Maybelline Fit Me Dewey + Smooth Foundation) but it does make my skin look radiant which is my dream! I have used this every day for the past week and I am so obsessed with it. Once it runs out I will definitely keep you posted on if I take the plunge and purchase the full size!


The next thing I bought was the travel size of the Clinique Pep-Start Moisturizer with SPF 20. The travel size is .5 oz. and cost me $9.50. I wasn’t actually familiar with this moisturizer, but I was familiar with the pep-start they have that is blue. But that one doesn’t have SPF so I was really excited to see a version of the moisturizer that had SPF included! My current moisturizer that I use is about to run out, so I have been on the hunt and reading reviews like crazy to find a replacement. I really want to try Glossier’s priming moisturizer but it doesn’t have SPF in it and I really want a good daytime moisturizer that has it included so I don’t have to add another step to my skin care routine in the morning. I was really excited to try this because I am a big fan of Clinique, and I love that their skin care products are more affordable than other high end brands. That being said, I am not sure how I feel about this product yet. I have been using it every day in the morning and it is kinda just “eh” for me. It definitely 77C31352-694B-484E-A0B6-1CE343FD7DE3has a that thick sunscreen consistency, and smells like sunscreen as well. Neither of those things are super important, but I also don’t like that it takes a while to rub into my skin and a little definitely doesn’t go a long way. I feel like I have to dip my finger back into the jar a bunch of times to cover my whole face. BUT, I think that most moisturizers that have SPF are like this, and it that is the trade off for including sun protection, than I don’t mind it. I do like that it doesn’t make my face red after rubbing it in, and it leaves no white cast. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream also layers really well on top of it – there is no pilling whatsoever. I don’t see myself purchasing the full size – I will probably try a different moisturizer once this runs out since I don’t love it.


The last product I bought was the First Aid Beauty Cleanser. The travel size is 2 oz. and is $10. I have been wanting to try something from FAB for a while because I have heard such good things and read lots of positive reviews. I also like that, similar to Clinique, it is a more affordable skin care line. I wanted to try this cleanser specifically though because it is supposed to help with redness and is safe for sensitive skin. When buying cleansers, those two features are up at the very top of the list for things I look for. Using this the past week, I have noticed that my skin doesn’t look quite as red after I shower, which is amazing. The texture of this is kind of like a whipped texture – thick and creamy but it doesn’t foam up. The thing that is weird about this product to me is the smell. It smells exactly like a regular bar of soap. Like if I close my eyes, I would think I was washing my face with a bar of Dove soap. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it throws me off every time I use it. So far, I have liked using this. There aren’t any negatives about it that I have come across, but I am not sure if I will purchase the full size.


Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? If you have a good recommendation for a moisturizer with SPF pleeeease let me know!


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