Things that help with my anxiety & stress

Like a lot of people, anxiety (and just plain old stress), is a part of my life. I wanted to do a quick blog post that just talks about the things I do that help me when I am feeling especially anxious, and things that I continually do to try and prevent me from having a lot of built up stress and anxiety.


IMG_3018Whether it is running or yoga or a spin class, getting in some exercise really helps me de- stress. I notice a big increase in my anxiety level and just general irritability when I haven’t worked out for a few days. I try and work out in some form at least 4 times a week (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t always happen). Forcing myself to go to the gym is always a struggle, but I feel so much better afterwards that it makes it all worth it. Exercise has become a lot more about my mental health than my physical health (which is also important!), and with so many different activities/classes/sports you can choose from, it is easy to always keep it from getting boring.

Watching my favorite TV Show

Sometimes all it takes is watching Parks & Rec to put me in a good mood. It is such a positive show and never fails to make me laugh. When I’m feeling anxious and a little down, this is my frequent go-to to help my mood.

Re-reading a favorite book

While I love Parks & Rec, there are times when I just don’t feel like watching tv. When this happens but I still want something calming to do I will re-read a few chapters of a favorite book. Typically that ends of being Harry Potter, but I recently picked out Angels & Demons from my bookshelf a read a few chapters of that before bed to help me relax.

Snuggle/play with my kittens

Before I got Kira (left), I was never a pet person. Like at all. If I went over to a friends house when I was younger and they had a cat or dog, I would be very apprehensive and try my best to avoid them. I got a dog when I was a teenager, which helped me adapt to animals a little better. But there is nothing like getting your first pet that is 100% yours. I honestly cannot imagine not having a pet at any point in my life now. Having a little friend who is always happy to see you when you get home and just wants you to love them is the best feeling. I also recently got another little kitty named Oliver (right) who is just the absolute cutest. Having these two cuties waiting for me at home and snuggle with me on the couch is the best, and I definitely credit them to helping ease my anxiety because they give me something to focus on instead of focusing on my anxious thoughts.


I know that everyone has their own particular way they like to unwind and de-stress, but these are the ones that are currently working for me! If you have any tips to help with stress and anxiety, please leave me a comment below! I would love to hear what other people do for their mental health.


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