Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!


I’m Karleen – a 23 year old makeup & skin care lover, who also has a tiny coffee addiction and loves a good Netlifx binge-watch.

My interest in the beauty world really only began about two (ish) years ago. Up until then I knew the absolute bare minimum about makeup & skin care products and didn’t have much interest in that world at all. After I graduated college, somehow (probably bored on a weekend) I stumbled upon watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube and I was hooked!  I started watching more and more videos fascinated by everything involved and all the fancy products. And that is really how my interest in beauty got started! After I had been beauty obsessed for a while, I decided to start this blog in the hopes that it could be a creative outlet for me and also a place where I can talk about my love of makeup, skin care, and share my thoughts on all the products I test out and find! I am by no means (not even close) a beauty expert, just a girl who wants an excuse to talk about makeup! I hope you enjoy my posts, and be sure to leave me a comment – I would love to chat with you!

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