May Sephora Play! Box


Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be a quick one about the May Play! Box. Let’s dive in!

DF31365A-713A-4693-8FD2-CEED9BC7CB60The first thing I was really excited to see included was the Belif Hungarian Water Essence. I have been wanting to try something from Belif for a while so I was excited to receive this sample! This product is a hydration serum that you put on after toning and before moisturizer. I have been using it at night the past week, and while I do really like it, it hasn’t been life changing for me. I feel like when it comes to serums meant solely for hydrating, the drugstore has really great options. For heavier duty issues (wrinkles, dark spots, texture) I have had better luck with high end products, but I don’t find that the expensive hydrating products work any better than the ones I can get at Target.



The rest of the products in my Play! Box were from brands I hadn’t heard of, but I was really interested in all the products! I am always down to try a new cleanser, and while I was weary of the fact that this one by Skin Laundry was a foaming face wash, I have been pleasantly surprised by it! The foaming doesn’t dry me out, and my skin always feels very fresh and clean after using it. The Sephora site says this product is a solution for “redness, sensitive skin, and roughness and uneven texture”, meaning this product sounds like it was designed for me. The full size is $20 for 6.7 oz, and if I keep liking the sample I can definitely see myself purchasing the full size. I was also really excited to see that a hair mask was in this box! A hair mask always sounds so nice, but it’s not something I would normally spend my money on. This one by Rahua made my hair so soft and silky after! However, given that the full size is $58, there is literally no way I would buy it.


The last product I got was this Highlight & Perfect Multipurpose Stick by treStiQue. (Edit: I did also receive a perfume sample by Stella, but forget to take pictures of it! I also should have received the Magnetic Matte Lip Color by Nudestix, but it wasn’t included in my box for some reason! Sephora customer service however was incredible, and gave me full refund for this month’s box which was super nice! Anyway, back to the post!) This product gives off a really nice dewey – but not too overboard – glow. It’s very natural and really just makes you look healthy. And as far as highlighters go, that is my favorite kind. But, since highlight isn’t an essential part of my routine, I won’t be shelling out the $34 to purchase the full-size. I will however enjoy this sample until it runs out! If you are someone who really likes highlight, and wants a subtle and luminous glow, I would definitely recommend looking into this one!

That sums up my thoughts on this months Play Box. What do you think of the products that were included for May? Let me know in the comments below!


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Mini Sephora Haul & Reviews

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Last week I was up in D.C. for work and since there is no Sephora anywhere near me, I knew I had to take advantage of being in the city and stop in! Luckily there was a Sephora walking distance away from my office and I was able to go there during my lunch and look around! I only ended up buying three things but all of them are items I have had my eye on for a while. Also, each of these things are the “travel” version and not full size. I LOVE when brands make travel sizes of their products – especially when the full size is expensive. I like to buy a smaller size to make sure I like it before purchasing the expensive full size version. It also isn’t very surprising that two of the three things I bought are skin care products… I am such a sucker for high end skin care products. I am still trying to achieve the perfect glowy skin that dreams are made of people! lol.

7B0AE996-AB23-48E4-B943-0CADEF0FF345The first thing I bought is the one I am most excited about and that is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. I have wanted to get a high end foundation for a while now and this is one that I had my eye on. I know that technically it is a CC cream, but I had read enough reviews on it to know that the coverage is comparable to a foundation. I also loved the fact this has a high SPF level – wearing SPF daily is so important to me so I love when moisturizers/foundations/cc cream etc. have it built in. As I said already, I did buy the travel size of this – which is .4 oz for $15. Because it has a nice medium coverage, I actually don’t need a ton of product to even out my skin tone and cover the redness of my face, so I think it will last me a while which is really nice. The first thing I noticed when I put this on is the smell. It has a super bizarre smell that I really don’t like, but it disappears pretty fast once blended into the skin. I have used my fingers, a brush, and my beauty blender to blend this out and I definitely prefer my beauty blender. It works fine with either of the three methods, but I found the sponge made it look more bright and dewy looking. The Sephora site says the finish of this product is “radiant” and I would have to agree. It’s not dewey by any means (at least compared to say the Maybelline Fit Me Dewey + Smooth Foundation) but it does make my skin look radiant which is my dream! I have used this every day for the past week and I am so obsessed with it. Once it runs out I will definitely keep you posted on if I take the plunge and purchase the full size!


The next thing I bought was the travel size of the Clinique Pep-Start Moisturizer with SPF 20. The travel size is .5 oz. and cost me $9.50. I wasn’t actually familiar with this moisturizer, but I was familiar with the pep-start they have that is blue. But that one doesn’t have SPF so I was really excited to see a version of the moisturizer that had SPF included! My current moisturizer that I use is about to run out, so I have been on the hunt and reading reviews like crazy to find a replacement. I really want to try Glossier’s priming moisturizer but it doesn’t have SPF in it and I really want a good daytime moisturizer that has it included so I don’t have to add another step to my skin care routine in the morning. I was really excited to try this because I am a big fan of Clinique, and I love that their skin care products are more affordable than other high end brands. That being said, I am not sure how I feel about this product yet. I have been using it every day in the morning and it is kinda just “eh” for me. It definitely 77C31352-694B-484E-A0B6-1CE343FD7DE3has a that thick sunscreen consistency, and smells like sunscreen as well. Neither of those things are super important, but I also don’t like that it takes a while to rub into my skin and a little definitely doesn’t go a long way. I feel like I have to dip my finger back into the jar a bunch of times to cover my whole face. BUT, I think that most moisturizers that have SPF are like this, and it that is the trade off for including sun protection, than I don’t mind it. I do like that it doesn’t make my face red after rubbing it in, and it leaves no white cast. The IT Cosmetics CC Cream also layers really well on top of it – there is no pilling whatsoever. I don’t see myself purchasing the full size – I will probably try a different moisturizer once this runs out since I don’t love it.


The last product I bought was the First Aid Beauty Cleanser. The travel size is 2 oz. and is $10. I have been wanting to try something from FAB for a while because I have heard such good things and read lots of positive reviews. I also like that, similar to Clinique, it is a more affordable skin care line. I wanted to try this cleanser specifically though because it is supposed to help with redness and is safe for sensitive skin. When buying cleansers, those two features are up at the very top of the list for things I look for. Using this the past week, I have noticed that my skin doesn’t look quite as red after I shower, which is amazing. The texture of this is kind of like a whipped texture – thick and creamy but it doesn’t foam up. The thing that is weird about this product to me is the smell. It smells exactly like a regular bar of soap. Like if I close my eyes, I would think I was washing my face with a bar of Dove soap. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it throws me off every time I use it. So far, I have liked using this. There aren’t any negatives about it that I have come across, but I am not sure if I will purchase the full size.


Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about them? If you have a good recommendation for a moisturizer with SPF pleeeease let me know!


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Mascara Roundup – Currently Loving

Hello everyone! This post is going to be about my current go-to mascaras. All of them are drugstore, and all are amazing! Also, please excuse the fact that you will probably read the word “mascara” a million times in this post… it was unavoidable.


First up is L’oréal Voluminous Mascara is Carbon Black.  I bought this mascara because I read that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario uses this on her, and if it’s good enough for Kim K then I figured it would be good enough for me. I don’t use this mascara too often – I prefer a more lengthening and curling mascara over a volumizing one. But for nights out, or when I am doing a more dramatic and full-on makeup look, then this is the mascara I reach for. It does give off the whole “spidery” lashes vibe after a few coats, so I only do two coats max. But if that doesn’t bother you than you can definitely layer up with this one!


Next is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I have only had this one for a few months but I LOVE it. It does an amazing job at lengthening my lashes while also giving them a little volume as well. I have been using this mascara almost everyday since I bought it and I typically do two coats. It does clump up a little, but I just work the brush through my lashes a few extra times and that usually takes care of it. I am also a big fan of the brush- it’s kinda thick but curled which makes it really easy to coat my lashes. The one thing I don’t like about this mascara is that for some reason it is harder to remove than most other ones I have used before. I usually use coconut oil or micellar water and I always find myself having to rub my eyes quite a bit longer when I am wearing this mascara. Not a huge deal but it is a little annoying at the end of a long day.

Last, is my holy grail mascara – L’oréal Telescopic in Carbon Black. I am obsessed with this mascara. I ran out of it a few weeks after I got the Lash Sensational so I had been using that one almost every day. But I finally picked up a new Telescopic last weekend, and I just don’t know how I ever survived so long without it. This is definitely not a volumizing mascara (in my opinion), but it does a fantastic job at lengthening and curling my lashes – and keeping them curled through out the day! This is the most important thing to me for an everyday mascara because my lashes have almost no natural curl. This is my go-to mascara for the days I do minimal makeup (which is basically everyday) because it really helps emphasize my eyes, without looking too overboard. I also really like how I can do 2-3 coats and get no “spidery” effect in my lashes. This mascara has zero downsides for me.

What is your favorite mascara? Let me know in the comments!!


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Perfume Samples


Recently, my parents got me a Tory Burch perfume gift set (review), and with the set came a bunch mini perfume samples. I already had several of these, so I have quite the collection going. So, I decided to do a post literally just listing all the samples I have at the moment. Let me know if anything of them are favorites of yours!

  • AIR di Gioia by Giorgio Armani
  • Sí by Giorgio Armani
  • Gucci Bamboo
  • Prada Candy
  • L’Homme by Yves St Laurent
  • La vie est belle by Lancóme
  • Daisy by Marc Jacobs
  • Azzaro Wanted
  • Gucci Guilty
  • My Burberry
  • L’Eau Bleue by Miu Miu



Whenever I buy something from Sephora or Nordstrom or some other place, and you get to choose 3 samples , I always try to pick perfume samples… which is how I end up with a million of these little things. But it’s really nice for when you want to try a perfume you have heard a lot about! There are actually a couple that came with the Tory Burch set that I had been wanting to try and was super excited to see included.


The first was Prada Candy. Honestly I really just wanted to try this one because I love the name! And of course Prada just seems so “power woman” – esque that I figured the perfume would reflect that image. The second was Sí by Armani. I have seen so many posts about how much people love this perfume, so I was really happy to see the sample!


Anyway…. I know this post is super random but I thought it would be fun to catalog all my perfume samples lol. Are any of these perfumes your favorite? What fragrance do I need to try? Let me know in the comments!


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April Sephora Play! Box

Hello everyone! Toady’s post is going to be about my first Sephora Play! Box. I got the box over the weekend, but wanted to try the items before I posted about them. So let’s dive in!


The bag the items came in was a really cute drawstring bag. I also like that it comes with a fold out piece of paper that gives information on each item. My April box contained:

  • Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Waterproof Eyeliner in Black
  • Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  • Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream
  • Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
  • Purity Made Simple Cleanser by Philosophy
  • Miu Miu L’eau Bleue Perfume

When I first saw what my items were I was a little disappointed. I currently have the Purity cleanser and while I enjoyed it for almost a year, I can no longer use it because it completely dries out my skin. So I will probably give that sample to one of my sisters. Second, I pretty much never wear eyeliner, so the MUFE eyeliner was not something I was super excited to see in my bag.
That being said – I did try it out for the sake of this post, and it is definitely waterproof. It also glided onto my eyelids incredibly smoothly. So if a long-wearing eyeliner is something you are on the hunt for, I would check this one out. The two items I was very excited to try were the Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Cream, and the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  I have used the Cloud Cream the past two nights in substitute for my usual Confidence in a Cream (review), and I do like it. I don’t think it will be hydrating enough for those with really dry skin though. It feels very nice when you rub it in, and sinks into the skin quickly. The 62090E62-54CB-4F5D-AB67-10396FD42245name “water drench” is very apt – it definitely was a water-like texture. I don’t think I love it enough to purchase the $52 full size jar – I still like my Confidence in a Cream better. But I will definitely continue to use the sample.  The Smashbox primer I have also tested out the past two days and I have been impressed with this as well. The texture definitely has a silicone feel to it – reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer. However, the Smashbox primer sinks into the skin quicker, and has a slightly more watery texture making it easer to rub in. I also found that my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer blended out really nicely on top of it. This is one of the better high end primers I have used, however primer isn’t something I would typically spend a bunch of money on – and this one does cost $36 for just 1 oz. But, I will definitely keep using this sample, and who knows, maybe when it runs out I will realize that I need it in my life!

The last two items on the Sephora Eye Makeup Remover and the Miu Miu Perfume.
Coincidentally, I had just run out of my Garnier Micellar Water when this box arrived – so I was really excited about receiving a makeup remover. First, it 100% removes water proof makeup – I tested it with waterproof mascara, and the MUFE Waterproof Eyeliner that I got in this box. It did take a few extra rubs, but I was impressed with how easily the waterproof products came off. It doesn’t leave behind too bad of a greasy film, but there is a little bit of that greasy feel. I have come to accept that all eye makeup removers have that effect (if you know one that doesn’t, please comment below!), and it doesn’t really bother me since I will wash my face after removing makeup anyway. The only thing I don’t like is the blue color lol. Every time I put it on a cotton ball, it just reminded me of cotton candy or like a blue slurpee – so bizarre I know. For $11 you get 4.2 ounces, which I think is a great deal. Lastly, the perfume of course smells amazing. I absolutely adore perfume, its my favorite beauty item, so I love when I get samples. The full size is of course very pricey (most perfumes are), for $90 you get 1.7 ounces. But, perfume is something I am willing to spend money on because it lasts for such a long time – and the bottle is super cute!!

I am very excited for next months box, I hope I receive more skin care samples! Ley me know what you though about this months Play! Box in the comments below.


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Love Affair with Lumière 

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about my favorite lipstick of all time (a bold statement yes I know) which is Lumière by ColourPop. Part of the reason this may be d6c20367-4627-4a9a-88a9-9afb6abbce7amy favorite is for sentimental reasons- it’s my first lipstick I ever bought. I didn’t really get into makeup until after college, and although I did wear your basic makeup before then (mascara, concealer, some eyeshadow etc.) I never wore lipstick. Ever. It always seemed very “look at me” and I am definitely someone who likes to blend in with the crowd (of course, now I feel naked if I leave with the house without something on my lips). But, when I started getting into makeup and youtube tutorials, I knew I needed a good lipstick. Because my favorite YouTuber is Kathleen Lights, and because ColourPop is so inexpensive, the first lipstick I bought was the Lumière Lippie Stix (a Kathleen Lights x ColourPop collab for those that don’t know) – and it did not disappoint me. The formula is soooo creamy, and comfortable on the lips. It is a matte finish, but because it isn’t a liquid lipstick, it’s not drying at all. This formula does fade throughout the day, but it fades in a nice way, not in a blotchy gross way. Along with the formula, the thing I love about Lumière is of course the color.

I’m pretty sure this lipstick started my love of mauve-y pink shades. It is such a pretty everyday color, that goes with so many different looks, but it is not quite a nude (at least on me). And I love that it’s not a nude. It is perfect for those days where you want a nice lipstick that pulls an outfit or makeup look together, but that isn’t *super* bold either. It has a really pretty mix of pink and light purple undertones and is just so gorgeous.

Please excuse my chipped nail polish…

When I first got this, I’m pretty sure I wore it everyday for like 3 months. Then of course once you start to get new lipsticks you rotate through them more often, and then at some point I just hadn’t worn this one for a while. But I pulled it out a couple days ago, and fell in love with it all over again – which is actually what inspired me to write this post! The Lippie Stix are my favorite ColourPop formula and I am so excited to wear this shade all the time for Spring/Summer.

Have you tried this shade before? What do you think of it? What are your favorite Lippie Stix from ColourPop? Let me know in the comments!

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Fresh Face & Bright Eyes

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great Monday. For today’s post I wanted to talk about the three products I reach for when I am in a rush in the morning and need to look more awake than I am. I also go for this look a lot on the weekends when I know I am running errands but don’t really want to put on much makeup. The three products are definitely not new or anything (I’m sure you are familiar with them) but I am always interested in the products people use to look fresh faced and awake in the morning so I thought I would get in on that action! So let’s dive in.

The first product I use to look awake is my holy grail concealer – Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser. I know that literally every beauty blogger has used this and talks about it, but for good reason! The sponge applicator makes it so quick and easy to use – so it’s perfect for those mornings when you are in a rush or just don’t feel like spending time applying and blending out concealer. Not only does this concealer cover up my perma-dark under eyes, but it also acts as a brightener and really helps me look more awake than I really am (especially on a Monday). It does crease a tiny tiny bit, but not enough for it to be a problem for me. If you haven’t tried this product, please do me a favor and next time you are in the drugstore pick it up! It is a great day-to-day product and so quick and easy to use.

The next product I use on the mornings where I need to fool people into thinking I got enough sleep the night before (when really I was probably watching netflix per usual) is Colourpop’s Highlighter in Smoke n Whistles. When I first bought this highlight, I was a little disappointed. Not because it is bad – the formula is actually incredible and the glow is beautiful. I was just bummed because I realized that I’m not the kind of gal the wants a really intense highlight. I prefer a more natural “lit from within” glow. But what I have started using this highlight for is my inner corners – and it works *perfect* for that. It brightens my eyes and definitely helps me look awake. You can really use any highlight for your inner corners to achieve this, but I this is my personal favorite.

The last product I use to help me look fresh faced and bright in the mornings is a cult7B929E34-1562-4746-81B4-653387932B2A favorite – Nars Blush in Orgasm. I know that everyone talks about this blush – but for good reason. It gives such a nice pretty pink flush to the skin, with a hint of shimmer. I love using this on days with minimal makeup, and it really lends itself well to the “fresh face” look that I routinely go for. It lasts forever on the skin and is just all around absolutely gorgeous. Nars blushes are a bit of an investment, however I think it is worth it to get at least one really great blush. Since I usually go for a minimal makeup look, I end up using this blush at least 4-5 times a week, so I think I am getting my money’s worth.

And that completes this post! These are my 3 go-to makeup products when I am in a rush and want to look fresh and awake, as well as my routine look when I am going to be out and about and want to look *slightly* pulled together the morning after one too many glasses of wine…. 🙂  What are your go-to products to help you look fresh and awake in the morning? Let me know in the comments!


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Month in Review | March 2017

Hello everyone! Instead of doing a Monthly Favorites post, I want to start doing a “Month in Review” – that way I can talk about my life a bit more. So let’s dive in!

cc310753-8975-4635-b7c8-68f0c907e21bMarch has actually been a really exciting month for me. After months of searching and applying, I finally got a new job (yay!) which I am very excited about! My first day was actually today, and I think the job and company are going to be a really great fit for me!

Beauty wise, I haven’t really been wearing much makeup honestly. My focus the past few weeks has been on nailing down a consistent morning & night skin care routine and trying to let my skin breathe a bit more. I bought a ton of new skin care products after Christmas and I think I may have over done it a bit (oops..), so now I am trying to take a step back and figure out what is/isn’t working. I’m hoping that by keeping a consistent routine the next few months I will start to see some results. I am going to do post soon on my new routine so stay tuned!

While I focus on my skin, my day-to-day  makeup routine has mainly just been my brows, mascara, and concealer. For the days where I want to look a *bit* more pulled together I will put on my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or use my Neutrogena foundation (review) and then add a lip color. I have also started using my ColourPop highlighter on the regular for my inner corners. It is a bit to showy of a highlight (for me) to use on my cheeks, but by adding a bit to my inner corners it really helps my eyes look more awake.


In the non-beauty world, I have been *obsessed* with Big Little Lies on HBO. I read the book several years ago and as soon as it was announced that it was going to be made into a series with Reese Witherspoon (love her!) I have been counting down the days until it started. Now that it has actually aired, I still can’t get over how good it is. Seriously. If you haven’t watched it yet, please stop reading this and go do it right now. The whole cast is phenomenal and it is top quality TV.

I also recently stopped at Barnes and Noble and picked up Truly, Madly, Guilty – which was 50% off! This book is by the same author, Liane Moriarty, as Big Little Lies, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it! I love to read but I haven’t been doing much of it lately, and this book really reminded me how much I need to make time for a good book.

So that wraps up March in Review! Hope you enjoyed, and let me know how your month went! Any new beauty products I should try? Book suggestions for next month? Let me know. 🙂


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Hello Spring! | New Makeup Products


Hello everyone! With Spring right around the corner, I wanted to pick up a few new makeup products that I thought would be seasonally appropriate!  I have used all of these products a few times so this will be a mini first impression post as well!

The first two things I picked up were from the brand Milani, and it is their Baked Bronzer in the shade Dolce and the Color Statement Lipstick in their shade Coral Addict. I am very excited about these two products because they are my first purchases from Milani! I have heard great things about this brand and have been wanting to try some of their stuff for a while.


I knew I wanted to get a bronzer for Spring that was a little softer and slightly luminous. Kathleen Lights mentioned this bronzer in her most recent favorites video, and since I will buy anything that girl says is good, I decided to get this one! After using this bronzer several times already, and I must say that I am truly in love. It has the perfect undertone for my skin and does give off a nice Springtime shimmer on the skin. I like that this product goes on very light and that I am able to build it up. Because I am pretty pale, I am always weary off super pigmented bronzers.



I also knew that for Spring I wanted to get a coral lipstick. Most (okay, okay… all) of my lipsticks are in the mauve/nude pink/plum shade family that is definitely my favorite, but also my comfort zone. I wanted to be a bit more bold and get something that was slightly adventurous… at least for me. This is definitely a bright coral, but I think it is so pretty and has such a nice sheen to it. I have worn this lipstick just once so far and I really like it! It didn’t fade as much through out the day as I expected it to, which was nice. And when it did fade, it was in a nice way, not in a gross crumbly way. I will definitely be picking up more Milani lipsticks in the future.



Lastly, I decided to try a new mascara and went with Maybelline Lash Sensational, which I know is a fan favorite!

After using this mascara a few times, I can already tell it is going to be a staple of mine. My holy grail mascara is still the L’Oreal Telescopic in Carbon Black, but the Lash Sensational adds just a little more volume than the Telescopic – which is perfect for when I want a tad more drama. It also does an excellent job at lengthening my lashes and keeping them curled – which are my top two priorities in a mascara. I typically do about two coats, and it can get a little clumpy, but nothing unmanageable. The wand is pretty thick  which I thought would make it hard to coat my lower lashes, but it also has a slight curve so it was actually really easy and I didn’t end up with product under my lower lashes (a small miracle!).




What new products are wanting to pick up for Spring? Let me know in the comments

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Wet n Wild New Liquid Lipstick | Review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to do a quick product review on the new Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks (phew – what a name) which I am so excited about!

e5b0c37d-4ff1-4b9e-a3a8-f2cc2f34d8afI am a huge Wet n Wild fan, I think they are one of the best brands at the drugstore, and their new Matte Liquid Lipsticks do not disappoint. As much of a fan as I am about this brand, I was actually on the fence about buying a couple of these because I am not a *huge* fan of liquid lipsticks – I tend to prefer your good ole’ regular lipstick. But the color selection looked amazing, and CVS was have a buy one get one 50% off sale on Wet n Wild cosmetics. What ultimately convinced me to get them was that Tati did a YouTube video about them and she had really positive things to say! After I watched her video, my mind was made up so I stopped at CVS after work last week and picked up two!

The two I picked up were Give Me Mocha (top) and Coral Corruption (bottom). I really had my heart set on getting Rebel Rose, but they were all sold out (insert crying emoji).


I wore Coral Corruption all day on Friday, and Give Me Mocha all day on Saturday, and I am pleased to say I was very impressed – especially given the price tag of $4.99.

4d36fffe-9584-40c2-a83c-2dac4fa84d11Because they are matte, they are pretty drying on the lips- although I would say not *quite* as drying as the ColourPop Matte lipsticks. Definitely not as comfortable as, say, the Stila liquid lipsticks (which honestly is how it should be considering the Stila ones are $26!). They both did dry down completely matte, and did not transfer at all. Coral Corruption did go on a little streaky, but I was able to fix it pretty easily. Give Me Mocha had a lot more even coverage. For both colors, they did start to flake of just a tiny bit towards the inside of my lips after eating lunch, but it wasn’t super noticeable I thought. By the end of the day (after 9ish hours) they had faded down a bit from when I first applied them, but I was still very impressed by the staying power of them.

I would definitely recommend you picking up this product. The colors are gorgeous, the formula is fairly long-wearing, and for the price you really can’t beat them! Let me know if you have tried these are what you thought!

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